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Brilliant trip, the views were stupendous on the big days crossing the passes as well as stunning scenery around Makalu and also in the Solo Khumbu, this will live with me forever
Paul Carroll (UK) | Makalu to Everest, Nepal

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The Goecha La expedition was fantastic!!! The entire trek was organized to perfection, with expert leadership provided by Roland Hunter. His wise counsel, his careful attention to detail and his personal assistance with acclimatizing allowed all of the trekkers to stay healthy. This was a great journey up the Goecha La valley with splendid views of Pandim and Kanchenjunga. The early autumn snowfall provided a spectacular backdrop. It certainly was an unforgettable trip. Also to be remembered are the "Trivial Pursuit" contests in the mess tent following dinner each night. Good plan Roland. 

Dan Leschnik (USA) | Sikkim Goecha La, India
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