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So in summary we had a fantastic holiday with memories that will last a lifetime
Phil and Gail Hunt (UK) | Laya Gasa, Bhutan

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How do treks in Bhutan differ from treks in Nepal?

This is a question we are often asked by people considering the pros and cons of a trek in Bhutan or Nepal. It is worth pointing out that treks in Bhutan are significantly more expensive than Nepal, so is it worth paying the premium?

The main difference between these two countries is the very low number of people visiting Bhutan to trek. In 2013 there were only 2,943 trekkers in Bhutan whereas there is probably the same number flying into Lukla every day in October to start their Everest trek! Therefore you are unlikely to see many other trekkers on the trails of Bhutan and the environmental impact is far lower.

You will notice in Bhutan there are not many locals living in the hills as there are only a small number of villages with low populations. For example on the 29 day Lunana Snowman trek the only villages you see are: Jangothang, Lingshi, Goyok, Laya, Woche, Chozo and Thanza as well as a number of yak herders camps. The landscape in Bhutan is heavily forested and is in a pristine state with many wild animals such as deer, blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard etc

Whereas in Nepal there has been heavy deforestation in many parts of the country due to the higher population pressure of people living in large villages in the middle hills. There are certainly still pockets of untouched forest such as in the east of Nepal around Kanchenjunga and Makalu regions however there has been logging and hunting of wild animals in most places these days. Of course the scenery and landscape in Nepal is spectacular and well worth seeing however if you are looking for untouched wilderness then consider coming to Bhutan to join a remote trek like Lunana Snowman.

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