To the north Burma borders China, Laos and Thailand and then to the west Bangladesh and India. Burma has a long western coastline on the Indian Ocean and lies within the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Burma is the second largest country in South-East Asia with an area of 676,577 square kilometres. The length of the country from north to south is 2,050 kilometres and the broadest point from east to west is 935 kilometres.

In Burma there are 135 officially recognised ethnic groups and over 100 languages and dialects are spoken with the principal language being Burmese. The majority of the people, about 70%, are said to be Burmese and they are the dominant force politically, economically and culturally. The largest non-Burmese ethnic groups are Shan (8.5%), Karen (6.2%), Arakanese (4.5%), Mon (2.4%), Chin (2.2%) and Kachin (1.4%). Indians and Chinese account for around 1% to 2% of the population.

The majority religion of the country, around 89%, is Buddhism with a further 4% practising Islam and 4% Christianity. Animism plays an important role among ethnic minorities and is also reflected in everyday life in Burma with many households having altars to ask for protection from the nats (spirits).

The best time to visit Burma is between October and the end of February, during this period the climate is cool with lower amounts of precipitation. March and April are often dry too, but the temperature is likely to be higher and less bearable for sightseeing. It is also possible to visit from May to September although it is likely to be hot with higher amounts of rainfall however some places like Bagan further north will be drier than Yangon located in the south. Some areas such as Ngapali Beach, are closed during these months.

At the end of your trip consider a relaxing visit to one of Burma’sl beaches and we recommend Ngapali in the west coast as one of the best in the country. Ngapali Beach has a beautiful beach with white sand and interesting local villages to explore. There is a wide range of quality accommodation from mid level to higher end properties.

Cultural Tours

With our Cultural Tours of Burma you have time to explore the most fabled sights including the temples and pagodas of Bagan; the former capital of Mandalay and watch the sunset at U-Bein Bridge


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There is a wide range of hotels in Burmal from budget guesthouses to higher end hotels and resorts. Over the years of operating in Burma we have stayed at or personally inspected a large number of hotels so we can provide suggestions and advice based on first hand experience. 

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