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We’ll certainly recommend The Mountain Company, it was well organised and good personal service. We want to thank you so much and will definitely be traveling with you again!
Brady and Kylie (UK) | Luxury Everest Base Camp, Nepal

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This was a fantastic trek... with stark beauty and varied scenery. It was also an incredibly well organised trek. I have trekked before, but never quite like this... there was a shower-tent, unending supplies of chocolates and Pringles, porridge with local apricots no less, tents large enough to sleep any-which-way, and huge amounts of great-quality food (including two live goats and eight chickens!).

The group turned out to have a great sense of humour, much to the delight of our local guides, who nearly exceeded us for wind-ups and banter. Nevertheless, Roland proved, throughout it all, to be calm and consistent. He managed to be part of the group, whilst keeping an objectivity that made him non-partisan and reliable. He also helped keep us all healthy, fit and well right up to the end, aided by a well resourced medical kit and good advice.

Samantha Morgan (UK) | K2 & Gondogoro La, Pakistan
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