Adventure Travel

Remember this is adventure travel where the unexpected can and often does happen. If you are not prepared for this uncertainty then you should not travel with us.

The trips organised by The Mountain Company should be enjoyed by most people who have an enthusiasm for the outdoors, experiencing different cultures and prepared to be open minded and flexible at times. Our trips are fun and informal with groups made up from a wide range of people from different countries.

We believe in providing honest and reliable Pre-Trip information to people considering traveling with us. All of our holidays are adventurous, the points below are not meant to put you off but instead to highlight some areas to take into consideration before booking.

  • Domestic transport can be unreliable. Flights are sometimes cancelled at the last minute and road journeys can be hazardous and uncomfortable. There is no guarantee that your return flight from the hills will connect with your international flight back home.
  • Hotels are not always at the same standard as in Western countries.
  • It may not be possible to complete the itinerary due to local factors such as bad weather or unseasonable snowfall. The itineraries should be seen as a statement of our intentions and not a contractual obligation on our part.
  • The political situations in our destination countries are less stable than in the west. Please read your Embassy's travel advice and register your travel plans with them.
  • It is quite common to get sick while travelling in underdeveloped countries. You might pick up diarrhoea (or Delhi belly) or a more exotic disease such as typhoid, malaria, hepatitis, typhus among many others. Vaccinations are never totally effective in preventing these diseases.
  • You might injure yourself while on trek in which case you might have to wait for helicopter evacuation. There could be a long wait as they cannot fly in poor visibility and bad weather.
  • The airline might lose your bags on your international flight or the porter might drop your belongings into a river during the trek.
  • The porters might go on strike and refuse to carry the group's bags and equipment. This could take several days to resolve or might be necessary for us to find new porters from a local village.