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When is the best time of year to visit Nepal?

There are two main trekking seasons in Nepal. Spring season starts in March and carries on to the end of May. Autumn season starts in early October and carries on to the end of November. It is also possible to trek in some places in Nepal during Winter from December to February. The most popular month to trek in Nepal is October followed by November then April.

The main advantage of trekking in Spring is that there will be a lower number of other trekkers on busier trails like Everest Base Camp when compared to Autumn. 

The daily weather pattern in Spring tends to have clear mornings with views of the mountains followed by cumulus clouds build up during the afternoon followed by clear skies at night and into the next morning. However of course one can get a cyclonic system causing stormy weather with precipitation at any time of year….

In Spring you will see flowers in bloom especially rhododendron known as laliguras the national flower of Nepal. One can see rhododendron flowers from mid-March to mid-May depending on altitude and aspect of slope.

The main advantage of Autumn is the higher chance of getting clear skies that is best for mountain photography. The monsoon rains during June to September clears out the dust and pollution from the air. After the monsoon it is normal to get a blocking high pressure sitting over the Himalaya resulting in sunny weather and blue skies however the timing of this depends year to year. For some years the monsoonal influence continues into the first week of October and other years it winds down in early September. In Autumn it is possible to get sunny conditions with blue skies throughout the day whereas this is less likely in spring when cloud normally builds up in afternoon.

Winter is a superb time to visit Nepal as usually sunny and stable weather conditions as well as having far fewer other trekkers and visitors around in December and January. The temperature would be too cold for some trips like climbing peaks or crossing high passes however it can be a good time to visit Everest, Annapurna, Langtang or to trek in the Kathmandu Valley.

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