The Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail ("GHT") is a trekking route that traverses the Himalaya from end to end starting in Burma and finishing in Pakistan. However the most popular section of GHT is through Nepal, this trail starts near Kanchenjunga in the East and continues to Humla on the Tibetan border in the West.

In Nepal the GHT takes the highest feasible route along the spine of the Himalaya, this involves challenging trekking in remote regions and several mountaineering sections over technical passes (eg Sherpani Col near Makalu).

The main difference between GHT and Classic treks are that the former are adventurous expeditions passing through remote and wild regions of the Himalayas and often away from the main trails as have been constructed in main trekking regions of Annapurna, Everest and Langtang. On GHT treks you have to be prepared for route finding challenges as in many places this rarely walked even by locals and the trail might change year to year if there have been landslides during monsoon or vegetation growth etc.

Remember trekking GHT is true adventure travel where the unexpected can and often does happen. If you are not prepared for this uncertainty then you should not consider attempting this type of trek. 

GHT has been divided into ten sections and our approach has been to focus on organising these sections one at a time rather than promoting the full GHT from Kanchenjunga to Far West. The advantage of our way is that we can select the optimal time of year for each section. 

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