Holidays to Nepal

Namaste! A holiday to Nepal is a journey to a mountain paradise located on the "roof of the world". This a small country nestled amidst the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Nepal has eight of the world's highest mountains including Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848m.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia with a strategic location bordered by China/ Tibet and India. Over many years traditional trading routes have enriched Nepalese culture and architecture. Explore the timeless wonders of Kathmandu by visiting Hindu temples and experience the Newari culture. In the mountains, visit Sherpa villages and Buddhist monasteries bedecked with colourful prayer flags.

The Mountain Company Difference

We are holiday experts to the Himalaya and Karakoram. Our Managing Director, Roland Hunter, has a lifelong fascination and connection with Nepal. Our unrivalled knowledge is recognised through winning AITO's Tour Operator of the Year in both 2018 (Gold) and 2015 (Bronze).

We have offices both in the UK and in Nepal so during peak season we offer unique on-the-ground support from Kathmandu. Find out more about Our Operations.

We take the time to understand your requirements so that we can plan an unforgettable holiday for you. We offer small group and tailor-made holidays. We can craft a tailored made itinerary for you or join one of our trekking or tour groups. Our Nepalese guides will bring the journey to life by sharing their knowledge and passion with you.

Types of Holiday

Discover this magnificent country by joining one of our holidays.

Adventure Holidays in Nepal

The best way of seeing the beautiful scenery of the Himalaya is by trekking or mountaineering in Nepal. This is the perfect destination if you love the outdoors. See diverse landscapes from terraced fields in the foothills to forest and river valleys to the glaciers in the high mountains. Put on your hiking boots and come join one of our guided walking groups.

Many of the best treks in Nepal need no introductions. We organise teahouse lodge and luxury lodge treks in the Everest and Annapurna region. Everest Base Camp is the most iconic base camp at the foot of Mount Everest. Visit the heart of the Sherpa homeland with stupas, prayer wheels, and hairy yaks.

The Annapurnas get more trekkers than any other region in Nepal. Annapurna Circuit is the classic trek. On this hike experience a variety of landscapes and cultures. There is a vast number of treks in the Annapurna region. To help choose the best trip for you take a look at our blog 7 Best Annapurna treks in Nepal?

Our passion is to find remote Himalayan treks. We are specialists in camping-style treks such as along The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT). This incredible long distanced trek makes a traverse of the country from East to West. Visit Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna, and into Dolpo and Far West regions by walking the GHT.

Running safe trips is of paramount importance to us. We are British Standard 8848 compliant. We have invested in high-quality equipment to support our groups in the field. We send a satellite phone on all our trekking holidays.

Luxury Nepal Holidays

The Nepal experience has much more to give beyond the mountains. We offer cultural tours where you can explore the country and view the Himalayas from afar. Stay at high-end hotels on a cultural tour of the country.

These days it is possible to trek into the mountains while staying at better accommodation. Luxury Lodges of Everest and Annapurna are at a higher standard than teahouse lodges. Our Luxury Everest Base Camp is a hike to Everest Base Camp staying at higher-end lodges for most nights. However, we stay at teahouse lodges for five nights where there are no Luxury Lodges available.

Family Holidays to Nepal

Family holidays are an adventure that everyone can enjoy. You can combine several activities such as trekking, river rafting, safari, and sightseeing.

Main Cities of Nepal

Kathmandu is the capital city. A Nepal holiday starts from arrival at Kathmandu Airport (called Tribhuvan International Airport). Kathmandu is also a great base to explore Nepalese culture and cuisine. The Kathmandu valley has many beautiful temples, busy bazaars, and palaces. It is worth visiting the medieval cities of Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Walk around the bustling Thamel District and go for a meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Pokhara is the second-largest city and also has a brand new international airport. It is a beautiful city located on Phewa lake with views of the Fishtail mountain and Annapurna mountain range. It is the gateway for treks such as Annapurna Circuit, Kopra Ridge, and Annapurna Base Camp.

A visit to Pokhara is the perfect place for travellers who want to see the Himalayas without joining a trek. It is also a good place to relax after a trek.

Religions of Nepal

Nepalese culture is closely connected to religion. It is home to a large population of Hindus as well as a significant Buddhist population. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini in the south during the 6th century. Most Buddhists live at high altitudes in the mountains.

Festivals of Nepal

There are many festivals celebrated in Nepal and these are an important part of Nepalese culture. Join one of our walking tours around Kathmandu to see the celebrations for a unique experience. We recommend you time your trip to attend one of these events.
The Dashain festival is a Hindu festival celebrated at the end of the monsoon season every year. This is soon followed by Tihar known as the festival of lights. Houses are decorated with candles, lamps, and lights to welcome the goddess of wealth called Lakshmi.
Holi is known as the Festival of Colours. Hindus celebrate to mark the end of winter and to celebrate the start of Spring. It is full of fun and joy where revellers throw coloured powder at each other and party wildly.

Temples of Nepal

There are intricately designed temples throughout Nepal. Some of the most important medieval temples are around the Durbar Squares of the Kathmandu valley. We include a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu in most of our Nepal holidays.

The 2015 earthquake in Kathmandu caused a lot of damage to the temples. Reconstruction is underway although rebuilding is a slow process. We recommend a visit to Patan Durbar Square as there have been more renovations than the Durbar Square in Kathmandu.

Pashupatinath is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. It is a sacred temple of Lord Shiva and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Boudhanath is a traditional Buddhist stupa. The dome is painted with the ‘all-seeing' eyes of the Buddha and is adorned with prayer flags. It is a beautiful experience to walk around this special place with pilgrims.

Food of Nepal

Indian and Tibetan flavours are mixed to create the tasty dishes of Nepalese cuisine. A few of our favourite dishes are momos and dal bhat.

Momos are Tibetan dumplings with various fillings including vegetables, pork or chicken. 

Dal Bhat is cooked rice and lentil soup. Everyone is different but it is always yummy! Side dishes include vegetable curry, cooked spinach, and salad (cucumber, tomatoes, and radishes). There is often fresh chillis and curd or yoghurt. If you like a spicy meal then add a hot pickle known as Achar in Nepalese.

National Parks of Nepal

Most Nepal holidays will visit one of the National Parks in the mountains of Nepal. For wildlife spotting visit one of these national parks in the south of the country. Join a jeep tour or a walking tour for animal and bird watching. Local conservation efforts have been successful in looking after endangered species.

Chitwan National Park has jungles and rivers in the lowland plains. Chitwan is home to Bengal tigers and gharial crocodiles. There are endangered mammals such as the one-horned rhino and the Bengal tiger. Freshwater dolphins live in the Narayani river. Find out more on our blog Inspection visit to Chitwan National Park.

Bardia National Park is located in the far west of Nepal. It is much further distance to travel from Kathmandu than Chitwan. There is a daily flight from Kathmandu to Nepalganj taking about an hour followed by a two-hour drive.

Sal forest coves about 70% of Bardia National Park and the rest is grassland and riverine forest. There is a high chance of seeing a tiger in Bardia is due to the low coverage of the riverine forest. Find out more on our blog Inspection visit to Bardia National Park.

Which is the best month to visit Nepal?

The best months for travelling in Nepal are during April, October, and November. Depending on your trip it is often possible to visit outside of peak season. We do not organise Nepal holidays during the monsoonal months of July, August and early September. For more information read our blog When is the best time to go trekking in the Nepal Himalaya?

Currency and money

The currency used is the Nepalese rupee. You can exchange your money for rupees at the airport or a local bank after arrival.

Passport and visa information

To enter Nepal you need a tourist visa. You can get your visa after arrival at Kathmandu airport. Bring with you two passport-sized photos and make sure you have at least six months of validity left on your passport. You can also get a visa in your home country before departure.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal has the best mountain walks in the world that would be suitable for any age group or experience

Mountaineering in Nepal

If you want to climb a Himalayan summit or cross a technical high pass there is a wide range of options in Nepal


If you have any questions about Nepal check here for common questions - if it isn't answered here please send us a message.

Cultural Tours in Nepal

Our program of cultural tours of Nepal offers you a way to explore this fascinating country while staying in a hotel every night of itinerary


Teahouse Lodge

Teahouse Lodges are located in the more popular trekking regions of Nepal such as Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna, Makalu and Langtang. The lodges will provide your meals in a communal dining room and you sleep in a private room with a common or shared bathroom.

View Teahouse lodge trips in Nepal

Teahouse Plus+

We developed our own unique Teahouse Lodge Plus+ style as a halfway standard between Teahouse Lodge and Luxury Lodge treks. For this trip style, we include rooms at Teahouse Lodges with an attached bathroom where available. We also include a hot shower and a hot water bottle for use at night.

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Luxury Lodge

Luxury Lodges have been built in the Everest and Annapurna regions that provide a more comfortable alternative to the standard Teahouse Lodges previously available. These newer lodges provide the highest level of service with landscaped gardens, good food and attached bedrooms with hot showers and western toilets.

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Camping style is a fully supported trek where our cooks will cater for all of your meals. We provide group equipment including personal tents, mess tent, kitchen tent, and toilet tent(s). The key advantage of a camping trek is that you can access remote areas away from the busier trails with a lodging network.

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There is a wide range of hotels in Nepal from budget guesthouses to higher-end hotels and resorts. Over the years of operating in Nepal, we have stayed at or personally inspected a large number of hotels so we can provide suggestions and advice based on first-hand experience. 

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