Having travel insurance is a condition of booking a holiday with The Mountain Company. For trekking and mountaineering trips at the very least you should have emergency medical and repatriation insurance which must include the cost of mountain rescue. Cancellation insurance is strongly recommended as all deposits paid to The Mountain Company are non-refundable.

You should carefully check the Terms and Conditions of your insurance policy in particular you should make sure the following is covered: 1) Activity (i.e touring, trekking or mountaineering) 2) Maximum altitude reached on trek 3) Helicopter evacuation in an emergency. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for this trip.

We recommend that you use a specialist adventure travel insurer for our trips. If you only have a general travel policy (i.e not a specialist adventure travel insurer) please double check that it covers you for 1) to 3) above. Even if you are covered for these points, the major disadvantage of a general travel policy is that there is likely to be a delay in the insurer making a decision regarding evacuation plans from a remote area and obtaining their pre approval to cover these costs.

It is important for you to understand that ultimately the burden of any expense incurred in evacuation and repatriation procedures will be borne by you and that it is your responsibility to pay any costs incurred in respect of any evacuation or for medical treatment. You should be fully aware of the implications involved in arranging your own travel insurance and understand the limitations and exclusions of your policy.

You should be aware that under certain circumstances, we might instigate rescue proceedings via helicopter (or any other means necessary) in situations of medical emergency without first contacting your insurance company for their approval.

We have listed below several specialist adventure travel insurers that our trekkers (from UK, EU and International) have used in the past. Please carefully check their Terms & Conditions prior to purchase. These companies are not necessarily recommended by us so it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

UK residents

1. The Mountain Company has arranged travel and trekking insurance for UK residents with the specialist insurance broker Campbell Irvine. Their insurance policy will cover you for most of the trips in our portfolio although not for any trips classified as mountaineering.

To apply for an online quote through Campbell Irvine’s Direct Travel Insurance website 

Should you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of cover please contact Campbell Irvine on 0207 938 1734 or email

2. For insurance cover on mountaineering expeditions you can contact British Mountaineering Council (BMC).

European Union (EU) residents

1. World Nomads (EU residents up to the age of 65): this insurance policy is available to people from 150 nationalities and cover trekking & hiking ----> get a quote from World Nomads

International clients

For International clients, you can consider the following insurance companies: 

1. Global Rescue (international including UK and EU residents): Global Rescue is an international Medical and Security assistance and evacuation provider connecting individual members with critical lifesaving information and services across the globe. Members that enroll in Global Rescue’s memberships are eligible for no-cost evacuations from the point of illness or injury to their home country hospital of choice. All services are directly provided and coordinated by Global Rescue, ensuring quality of care and direct access to medical personnel at any time.

Global Rescue and IMG have created Signature Travel Insurance, a best-in-class, comprehensive travel insurance service. Signature Travel Insurance guarantees that the value of your trip is covered should it be cancelled or interrupted and that your medical expenses will be paid for if you are hospitalized. Signature Travel Insurance was created with adventurous travelers in mind and does not have the same activity restrictions that many other insurance products have ----> get a quote from Global Rescue and Signature Travel insurance

2. World Nomads (International up to the age of 65): this insurance policy is available to people from 150 nationalities and cover trekking & hiking ----> get a quote from World Nomads

3. Travelex Insurance (US residents only): For mountaineering trips, you need to choose "Travel Select policy with the Adventurer Plus Pak upgrade".  Normally mountain climbing is excluded from coverage, but the Adventure Plus Pak upgrade waives that exclusion. There is no altitude limit included on Travelex Insurance policies.