Robert Mads Anderson

Robert Mads Anderson

Robert has guided teams successfully to the summits of Everest and Makalu over the course of 16 Himalayan expeditions.

Robert has led teams on peaks on all seven continents, from pioneering a new route on the Kangshung Face of Everest with Stephen Venables, to flying in a Russian biplane to the North Pole. What he most enjoys is exploring and climbing in areas he hasn’t been to before and sharing that adventure with others. When he is not in the hills, he lectures and works with his global sponsors, as well as keeps his audience, spanning 70 countries, updated on news and information from the 7 summits, at
Robert’s books on climbing include Seven Summits Solo and To Everest via Antarctica, published by Penguin, while Antonovs over the Arctic covers his flight to the North Pole in a Russian biplane. He has just completed his latest book, Nine Lives – Expeditions to Everest, to be published in fall 2020.

In October 2023, Robert led a private Everest Base Camp trek for us. In July 2019, Robert led our K2 Base Camp & Gondogoro La in Pakistan and his group successfully crossed this high pass over to Hushe village. In April 2019, Robert co-led with Peter Hillary our high profile trek called In Hillary's Footsteps to Everest Base Camp. This was a unique experience for this group to trek with Robert and the son of the late Sir Ed.

Getting to know Robert Mads Anderson

My favorite trek always seems to be my next one - I love looking forward to exploring somewhere new. If not the next, perhaps the last two I've done: one being my first ever visit to the Karakoram and the trek to K2 Base Camp. Far beyond what any photo does credit to and an amazing experience with an amazing group. Of course last years trek into Everest Base Camp with my great friend Peter Hillary and our kids, In Hillary's Footsteps will always be a great memory. Incredible people and the ever stunning Everest experience.

When we went to K2 Base Camp, we came out over the Gondogoro La into the Hushe Valley. We had our one day of truly atrocious weather going up over the 5,000 meter pass - with not a complaint from anyone. And then dropping into the Valley was like sneaking into Heaven through the back door.

Not that everybody wouldn't have a pair, but I find having a great pair of boots, specifically for where you are going and the terrain you will encounter is absolutely essential. Trekking and climbing is all about our connection to the earth, best to make it the best connection possible. 

I started rock climbing early on in Colorado, and just kept going - harder, bigger and higher. A bit crazy - my first guided trip was a successful and very quick ascent of the 8,000 meter peak Shishipangma in Tibet, without oxygen. I suddenly realized sharing what I knew and experiencing the mountains with others could be an amazing experience.

A return to the Karakoram will always be welcome, I was so amazed the first time I need another trek just to take it all in fully. And the outer reaches of Nepal, Upper Dolpo to Jomsom GHT and Naar to Upper Mustang GHT would be fantastic.

More unclimbed peaks and skiing in Antarctica. 

Curillo's in Lazimpat. It's out of the Thamel jungle, great coffee, pizza and home brewed and chemical free Sherpa Beer. Great memories of an all afternoon lunch there following our In Hillary's Footstep trek - I think we ate everything on the menu. 

I think, like myself, most trekkers come along for a new and adventurous experience. Along with that, you then need the ability to be open to changes, to accept what may be seen as a difficulty as simply part of the adventure and to embrace it all as part of the whole experience.

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Robert Mads Anderson

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Robert Mads Anderson