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Brilliant trip, the views were stupendous on the big days crossing the passes as well as stunning scenery around Makalu and also in the Solo Khumbu, this will live with me forever
Paul Carroll (UK) | Makalu to Everest, Nepal

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About Tibet

Tibet is a vast landscape predominantly a high altitude desert at an average altitude of 4,000m surrounded by towering mountains with densely forested gorges, brilliant skies and pristine rivers.

The great expanse of Tibet known as the ’Roof of the World’ is a land of isolated villages, fascinating monasteries and colourful prayer flags that combine to create an atmosphere of mystery and remoteness. There are sacred mountains found throughout Tibet with Mount Kailash being the most important for Buddhists and Bon pilgrims. Nowhere in the Himalaya can the immense height of Mount Everest (or Mount Chomolungma) the highest mountain in the world be viewed unobstructed as seen from Rongbuk or Kangshung Base Camp.

After the Chinese rule started in 1952 the current Dalai Lama escaped to India where he still lives in exile. In spite of this the Tibetan people follow their age old traditions and maintain their cultural identity. Pilgrims still travel to the Barkhor in Lhasa below the Potala Palace for their circambulations while spinning prayer wheels and chanting Buddhist mantras..

Currently The Mountain Company is offering two trips in Tibet. We have an expedition in Tibet to climb up to North Col on Mt Everest the highest mountain in the world. After taking the spectacular flight to Lhasa we spend three days in the city to help your acclimatisation before driving across the Tibetan plateau to Everest Base Camp . Secondly we plan to organise the trek to the spectacular East face of Everest (or Kangshung) in Tibet visited by only small number of trekkers each year.