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I just want to say a big thank you for a fantastic time on the Mera Peak trek.
Mark Rogers (UK) | Mera Peak, Nepal

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Is it safe to visit Nepal and it’s capital city of Kathmandu?

There is always some risk when travelling in a developing country and only you can make the decision whether this is at an acceptable level. It is worth pointing out that Nepal is a popular travel destination with many visitors every year who very rarely experiencing any issues or problems regarding their safety or security.

For many year there has been on-going uncertainty within Nepalese politics and it is quite common to see demonstrations and strikes in Kathmandu. Having said this they have never directly targeted foreigners although it is of course wise to avoid crowds gathering for a demonstration. It is worth pointing out the violent Maoist insurgency finished in 2006 and now this organisation is a political party involved in the democratic process.

The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is an amazing place and there is really no other place like it. Kathmandu is full of life and culture and folk although on first impressions it can be seen as a noisy, dirty, busy, unorganised and chaotic place but you will soon discover its richness and its character and thriving place of activity. Like anywhere you have to be exercise caution and not leave valuables on show or unattended. If you show respect then you will receive respect. We recommened you leave most of your valuables and passports in the safe at your hotel in Kathmandu.

We strongly suggest anyone thinking of visiting Nepal to carefully read UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth (“FCO”) travel advice to find out information on the current situation in this country. At present FCO have no travel restrictions in place for Nepal.

Please note we will not normally cancel a trip simply because FCO advise against travel to this country.

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