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We were very pleased with the trip, and I was impressed with your team at all levels. All the arrangements executed flawlessly
Andy Levy (Canada) | Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal

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What type of toilet facilities will there be available on trek in Nepal?

This is a very common question from people getting in touch enquiring about joining a trek in Nepal. It is important you are aware of what toilet facilities will be available so you know what expect and what items to pack for your health and hygiene.

The toilet facilities will depend on the type of trek you are joining. For a lodge based trek you can use the toilets in the lodges however the type, condition and cleanliness will vary depending on the region of Nepal you are walking in and also the altitude of the lodge. Generally the lodges in Everest have the best facilities followed by Annapurna then Langtang.

Lower down on the trail most lodges have Asian (or known as squat toilets) however these days there are also more western style toilets available. Once you have mastered the squat position most people find Asian toilets hygienic as your body will not touch the toilet seat like on Western toilets. For more information and instructions on how to use an Asian toilet, please take a look at Wikihow article

There will be no toilet paper available in Nepali toilets instead there will be a small bucket for washing oneself therefore if you like to use toilet paper you should bring with you (or purchase at the lodge). I would recommend you always keep a roll of toilet paper in your day pack in case required. It is also a good idea to have hand sanitiser in your day pack as there is not always soap available in the lodges. Please note you should not put used toilet paper into the toilet instead place in a bin otherwise this will cause blockages in the drains.

If you need to go to the toilet during the day then on a lodge based trek such as Everest Base Camp there will be lodges along the trail you can use. If you are not stopping at this lodge for lunch or a drink it is always best to ask the owner of the lodge for permission (or speak to your guide who can ask for you). If there are no lodges nearby you can look for secuded place in the woods or behind a rock for a quick pee.

Higher up on a lodge trek the flush toilets (both Asian and Western style) will freeze overnight so it will not normally be possible to flush until the sun warms the lodge by mid-morning. Therefore these lodges will often have a long drop toilet located outside, this is a small wooden hut with a hole in the floor above a deep pit. If you have to visit the long drop at night then of course bring your head torch as well as toilet paper and hand sanitiser. Long drop toilets are also common on treks visiting remote regions of Nepal with basic lodges such as Manaslu Circuit, Kanchenjunga Circuit and Mera Peak.

On a camping trek, after arrival to camp one of our Nepali crew will dig a hole in the ground then erect a toilet tent around it for privacy. Sometimes on our treks we bring a toilet seat although if not available then you will have to squat over the hole. We brief our guides to located the toilet tent away from water sources and on departure the next morning the hole will be filled and covered with earth. For our larger groups over ten people we will bring two toilet tents as otherwise there will be a long queue after breakfast! It is worth pointing out we provide toilet paper for our camping treks.

Like for lodge treks we recommend you carry some toilet paper in your day pack in case you get the call of nature along the trail. Sometimes you might be allowed to use a house or bhatti’s (local restaurant) toilet however please ask your guide to request permission before hand. If there are not any places to stop for a toilet break then you can find a suitable spot off the trail. Please make sure you are not close to a water source and you bury your deposit and any used toilet paper.

If you are joining one of our luxury lodge treks such as Annapurna Luxury Lodges, Everest Luxury Lodges, Luxury Everest Base Camp (up to Pangboche) or Luxury Kathmandu Valley trek you’re your room will have attached bathroom and toilet. All of these lodges have western style toilets.

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